Customer Goal

If you have the percentage of new business revenue identified—for example, you expect 50% of your revenue to come from new customers—and you know the average annual value of a customer, then you know how many new customers you need to acquire.

Close Rate

How effective is your sales team at turning opportunities into closed deals? How strong (or weak) this percentage is will impact how many opportunities you need to be working at any given time.

  • Sales close rates vary by industry,
    ranging from 11 to 27%. (HubSpot)


Opportunities are the people/companies that have been qualified as good fits for your business, who are ready to talk specifics with a salesperson, and who will potentially make a purchase. The better you nurture qualified leads, the more conversations your sales team will be able to have.

  • 65% of B2B marketers have not established lead nurturing. (MarketingSherpa)

Qualified Leads

For most businesses, Contacts go through a couple of stages before becoming Opportunities. For simplicity’s sake in this calculator, we consider a qualified lead to be someone who is not yet ready to buy but who is qualified to buy—someone who has the attributes (demographic or firmographic), behavior, activity level on your site or social channels you are looking for.

  • Just 25% of marketing leads are typically qualified enough to go directly to Sales. (Gleanster Research)


New contacts comprise the gold mine of your marketing and sales efforts. Of course, not all contacts will become big customers, but without a strong, healthy base of new individuals to market to, your work to grow revenue becomes harder.

  • A generally realistic goal for a B2B visitor-to-contact conversion rate is 2%.


A base requirement of your marketing and sales program is a consistent, solid flow of qualified site visitors each month who can potentially become contacts and, ultimately, customers.

  • B2B companies cannot expect inbound marketing to work well if they are not driving at least 2000 monthly website visitors.