The Situation

PMG worked with Management Mentors for over a decade. Our tight-knit relationship with Management Mentors’ owner and founder Rene Petrin and his team has allowed PMG to help manage the account with such laser focus that neither company has run out of ways to improve performance.


The Approach

It was all about blogging.

In the past, PMG and Management Mentors came together to work on:

  • Regular content creation. (Rene is one of the “eminent mentoring experts” in the country. He was busy running his business from the get-go, so he needed a little help with his content creation.)
  • Increasing exposure.
  • Increasing website traffic.

Having worked on many marketing initiatives over the past 10 years together, Management Mentors has experienced staggering growth. But it’s taken time, and PMG’s most recent campaign with these HubSpot vets has focused on furthering Management Mentors’ blog structure and engagement.

By creating and executing a new blogging calendar for Management Mentors, the PMG team was able to increase blog subscriptions by 20% by January of 2016 and, over the following 11-week period, racked up over 31,000 views on blog posts.

So how’d we do it? Well, it wasn’t magic, but it was pretty close. PMG focused the campaign on highly-searched keywords.

What really sparked this spike in engagement was PMG copywriter Robyn Bradley’s realization that sometimes you don’t have to fix what isn’t broken – you just have to build on it.

In late 2015, it became obvious that Management Mentors’ audience wanted more of the good stuff they were already getting. That meant digestible, helpful articles that were easily understandable and shareable. Simply by publishing more content that was optimized correctly, we were able to push out those jaw-dropping stats mentioned earlier. Sometimes, it really is as simple as a new blog calendar and several updated keywords!

"As a business owner, I have a lot to attend to – which doesn't allow me to write as much as is needed. PMG has made that process so easy. By sharing my ideas with them, they're able to create and write articles and eBooks that provide greater visibility in the marketplace and produce quality content for my website."
Rene Petrin
Owner & President, Management Mentors

The Results

The Management Mentors Website Flaunts...

  • 4000+ blog subscribers
  • 280+ keywords ranked in the top 3
  • 430+ keywords ranked in the top 10

We write stuff that people like and want to read.


The Conclusion

That’s what a partnership with your marketing agency should look like. 

Every step of the way, there should be a new plan in place to encourage improvement. That’s what PMG’s most recent campaign with Management Mentors was – a new way to keep an old client successful.


Want to refresh your marketing strategy?