The Situation

An Off-Brand Website with Lagging Performance and a Poor User Experience

There comes a time when organizations with older websites face the inevitable question: is my website still cutting it?

Such was the situation for Greater Boston Urology (GBU), a leading provider of urology care including prostate cancer, women’s health and more. Though GBU is renowned for exceptional urology care and the highest standard of patient service, its website was telling a much different story.

Performance was slow. User experience was clunky. The website’s old-school theme certainly did not convey “state of the art.” And for the internal marketing team, site maintenance was…  well, extremely high maintenance. Given these performance problems and an off-brand aesthetic, website metrics were suffering: the site was experiencing a steady decline in traffic and online appointments were dwindling. 

One thing was clear: it was time for a change. The GBU team called in the marketing experts (that’s us!) for help. 

The Solution

WordPress to HubSpot Migration, Website Redesign and SEO Overhaul

The marketing team dug in to formulate a three-prong strategy that would prioritize the most critical issues and address each one at its core.  

The first recommendation? Move the site to HubSpot CRM.

Originally created in WordPress, the GBU site was rife with errors and glitches. Performance was hindered by out-of-date functionalities – for example, old plug-ins that made even simple updates difficult and page-load speed sluggish. Moreover, outdated WordPress themes restricted editability and customization. PMG (now Conveyor Marketing Group/CMG) knew HubSpot would not only solve the majority of maintenance issues, but open the door to a host of slick, new website features and benefits.

Second order of business: redesign the pages and steamline UX.

GBU desperately needed a look and feel that was aligned with its high standard of excellence. It also required user-friendly navigation to help site visitors at every stage of engagement, from first-time visitors to loyal patients.

Making it easy for returning patients to access their portals and pay invoices was also important. Plus, an element of warmth was needed. Urology patients tend to be even more nervous than typical patients due to the nature of their medical conditions and health issues. Wherever possible, it was critical to use pics and videos of real GBU doctors, nurses, and PAs so that people visiting the site would get a good feel for the people behind GBU.

Finally, keyword-optimize all site pages for SEO.

The content team believed a refreshed content and SEO strategy could address the site’s lagging traffic and improve the website’s rankability. This optimization, they believed, would help the site appear at the top of search engines’ result pages for prospects who were seeking the healthcare services provided by GBU.

Now with a multi-prong action plan, the marketing experts rolled up their sleeves to make it all happen.  

The Approach

Leverage the Multi-Disciplinary Expertise of Our Marketing Team and HubSpot Partnership

Thanks to an all-star line-up of specialized experts, PMG created a website redesign dream team.  The account lead leveraged the help of the agency’s designers, HubSpot developers, content specialists and digital marketing experts, taking the following steps:

1| Wordpress to HubSpot Migration. GBU’s site migration proved to be quick and seamless, immediately solving many of the site's performance and maintenance issues. Thanks to a long-standing HubSpot partnership, the HubSpot support team was at the ready to hastily resolve any issues that arose.

2 | A new, on-brand look and feel. The migration to HubSpot gave the design and development teams access to new, customizable themes. Website pages were rebuilt with new brand guidelines that were sleek, modern, and overall more consistent with GBU’s brand.

3 | Full-scale SEO Optimization. The digital marketing and content team kicked off the site optimization with a website analysis and SEO deep dive that included several pieces:

  • Keyword research to drive content opportunities and on-page SEO elements (including page titles, meta descriptions, alt tags, H1s, etc.)
  • A technical website assessment showing backend elements that needed fixing (duplicate content issues, broken links, 404 errors, etc.)
  • A content cruft analysis to reveal all underperforming content that should be removed or redirected
"PMG has been a true partner since we started working together in 2016. The move from WordPress to HubSpot was seamless, and the results speak for themselves. Simply phenomenal!"
Les C., Chief Operating Officer
Greater Boston Urology

The Results

Soaring Sessions, A Jump In Leads, Explosive Organic Traffic 

Oftentimes it takes weeks – if not months – to truly reap the benefits of a website redesign. However, after GBU’s redesign, we saw an upward trend across the board almost immediately. The multi-prong approach proved to be a success on all levels!

  • Website sessions spiked 
    Following the migration from WordPress to HubSpot, website sessions surged, then steadily continued the upward trend in the months after. YOY sessions for both new and returning website visitors doubled from 8,000 just before the implementation to a high of 20,000 in January to March 2023. So far in 2023, monthly sessions have averaged around 17,000.

Screenshot 2023-08-10 at 3.33.07 PM

  • Website leads immediately jumped 20%
    In the 30 days following the migration/redesign, the number of leads (online healthcare appointments) increased by 20% – and the climb continued from there!

When optimization began (1)

  • Organic traffic skyrocketed
    Where exactly did all those new leads come from? The PMG (now CMG) team further analyzed results and found the clear source: organic traffic. The team’s SEO optimization paid off with unprecedented growth in organic traffic from both blogs and other web pages. 

When optimization began


As a marketing agency, we love measuring success using the metrics mentioned above: increased website sessions, explosive traffic and an influx of leads (in GBU’s case, appointments). Rewarding metrics are, first and foremost, the main goal of a redesign. Beyond that, the streamlined website maintenance added hours back into the day, helping the marketing team focus on high-value tasks.

Not only that, but GBU is thrilled to have a digital facade that’s truly reflective of its well-deserved reputation in urologic healthcare.


Is your company struggling with the question: is my website cutting it? We’re happy to help you with strategic recommendations and an action plan. Just drop us a line today!