10 Influencers to Follow for the Best Construction Marketing Tips

Marketing advice can be sliced and diced into lots of different categories: B2C, B2B, even “boring industry” marketing. Technically speaking, construction marketing could fit into any of those buckets, but that doesn’t mean a generalized approach will drive you to your goals.

Instead, you should leverage specialized knowledge and tactical expertise to build your brand’s web presence and attract qualified leads. Following the right people—particularly on Twitter and LinkedIn— is a good place to get started.

Here are just a few of the ways in which construction marketing influencers can boost your inbound efforts:

  • Point you to industry trends or story ideas for timely articles and blogs
  • Build a relationship with you that might lead to an interview or guest blogging opportunity
  • Clue you into forums (online discussions, conferences, tradeshows) where your brand should have a presence
  • Teach you more about your target audience—so you can tailor your site content, educational offers, and pretty much everything you draft, accordingly

Whether you need recommendations on how to plan your construction content strategy, how to leverage social media in this unique niche, or how to select the right building and construction marketing agency, these influencers can help:

1. The Construction Marketing Association


The Construction Marketing Association (CMA) is a professional group offering resources and support for marketers in the construction category. But you don’t have to be a marketer to find their posts and updates useful. Consider CMA your headquarters for information about the nuances of marketing construction brands, products, and services.

2. Society for Marketing Professional Services


Don’t be fooled by the broad “professional services” label. SMPS is the only marketing association dedicated specifically to the A/E/C industry (architecture, engineering, and construction). The Society for Marketing Professional Services was created in 1973 by a group of firm leaders who recognized the need to sharpen skills, pool resources, and work together to build their businesses. Today, the group remains active on social media and on its website, where you can find a library of resources, programs, and potential connections.

3. Constructor Magazine


Published six times per year for Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) members, Constructor offers in-depth coverage and analysis of the construction industry and related topics. The association also maintains a purchasing directory or “official buyers guide” for the 30,000+ construction firms and general contractors that comprise its membership. If you’re a B2B construction supplies/services company, you may well want to be there.

4. Construction Today


Construction Today is a must-read publication for anyone in the general building, heavy construction, or associated specialty trade sectors. Its audience includes leaders at major contractors, engineering and design firms, equipment manufacturers, and suppliers of construction materials and building products, as well as public and private project owners and regulators. In short, it’s the magazine for the people who build America.

5. Mark Buckshon


Mark Buckshon is a construction marketing guru and publisher, offering frequent updates via his Twitter account. Buckshon is also the owner of the “Construction Marketing Ideas” group on LinkedIn. With nearly 10 thousand members, CMI is a great place to explore construction marketing issues, both in the ICI and residential sectors. If you are a contractor, sub-trade, architect, engineer, or industry supplier, you should follow Mark and request to join his LinkedIn professional group.

6. The Construction Financial Management Association


If any of your construction buyer personas include financial leaders, it’s worth keeping up with their interests and concerns. The Construction Financial Management Association can help you do that, as the only nonprofit organization dedicated to serving the construction financial professional.

7. Construction Writers


Sadly, the Construction Writers Association disbanded earlier this year. While the Board may or may not continue serving constituents through social media channels, CWA’s current “following” list denotes tweeps worth following—including AEC journalists and construction marketing/PR professionals.

8. Modern Contractor Solutions Magazine


Modern Contractor Solutions is a monthly, national magazine tailored to meet the business needs of commercial, general, and concrete contractors. Its articles are uniformly concise and direct—catering to on-the-go contractors dealing with busy schedules. The editorial team welcomes article submissions for consideration in the following categories: Industry News, Product Releases, Trend Reports, Project Profiles, Equipment Solutions, Environmental Solutions, Management Solutions, Software Solutions, Legal Solutions, Technology Solutions, Safety Solutions, and Maintenance Solutions.

9. All Construction Dir


Looking for quality examples of visual construction content? Follow this construction industry marketing professional (who is also the editor of the AllConstructionDirectory.com). Not only is he actively tweeting photos and videos, you can find his updates on Pinterest, too.  This influencer is especially relevant to companies marketing home improvement products or services, including roofing and metal roofing.

10. Conveyor Marketing Group

Wait a second… Is this our social media account tacked onto the end of this roundup? While it might be a little self-serving to cite ourselves alongside these construction marketing influencers, we actually do have a lot of knowledge in this area. We’ve helped companies build eye-catching profiles on Houzz, redesign their websites, rethink their email strategies, and much more.

Learn more about how to effectively market your construction / design business. Or contact us directly with your construction marketing questions!

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