Email Marketing and Artificial Intelligence: Have You Tried These 5 Tools?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is ingrained in virtually every aspect of our lives now, even in the emails that arrive in our inbox. While email is certainly not a new, cutting-edge technology, there's no question it's still a vital marketing tool for both B2B and B2C businesses.

That being said, if you’re not using AI in your email marketing, you are missing out on insights and data that can help you dramatically improve your email open and click-through rates – and, ultimately, the chances of one day converting your recipients into  customers (or repeat customers!) Here are just a few of the great tools out there to bring your email marketing up to the next level.

1. Boomtrain

Boomtrain is a marketing tool that uses AI to automatically personalize content for the user that will most likely increase clicks, engagement, and sales. The manual work that typically takes place to segment prospects and choose appropriate, relevant content is replaced by this technology. Boomtrain analyzes user behavior (from interactions with websites, emails, mobile apps, etc.) to provide a unified view of each contact and boost engagement with them.

2. Phrasee

Phrasee is AI that is focused on email marketing optimization. It generates and optimizes subject lines so people are more likely to open, click and convert. Their algorithms are tailored to match your company’s “voice” and trained to not be misleading. It looks at hundreds of emotions, sentiments and phrases and predicts what your contacts will respond to. The more you use it, the better it gets at predicting what will resonate with your audience. In head-to-head subject line writing tests, Phrasee beat humans 98% of the time!

3. Optimail

Optimail uses AI to automatically adjust personalization, content and timing of your email campaigns. Traditionally, A/B testing was used to help optimize your drip email campaigns. Optimail continually monitors behavior and adjusts which messages are sent and when to drive prospects and customers toward your business goals, whether it be purchasing your product or sharing your social media posts. It's proven to increase engagement, drive conversions and reduce spam reports.

4. Seventh Sense

An AI tool for HubSpot and Marketo users, Seventh Sense monitors the way prospects and customers are interacting with you and uses this data to create the ideal delivery time for each email that is sent. By watching the trend of engagement, Seventh Sense can also increase or decrease the number and frequency of emails sent to prevent email fatigue. Also, by optimizing for deliverability and likeliness to open, you reduce the risk of being sent to the SPAM folder.

5. Siftrock

Siftrock integrates with your marketing automation platform to manage and mine the replies to your email marketing campaigns. Any replies referencing another contact will add them to your database and alert the owner. A question about your product will be routed to the appropriate person. If someone left the company, the proper person will be alerted so action can be taken quickly. Siftrock works behind the scenes to manage every reply, freeing up valuable hours of your time.

The effect of using AI in your marketing is truly amazing. Data that would take someone months to sift through takes this technology a matter of minutes. There are countless tools out there to harness all this information and create a detailed, personalized journey for your prospects. Start giving them a try and see what works best for your business. What AI tools are you using that are changing the game for your company? Share in the comments!

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Lori Dickey | Marketing Specialist
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Lori Dickey, Marketing Specialist

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