How to Market Services Part 2 – More Ideas to Productize

How to Market Services - Demonstrate Value!In part one, Treat Services Like a Product, we offered two ideas on how to package your services to make them more tangible. Our additional two ideas include:

  1. Combining Services to Create a New Offering
  2. Packaging a Process
By productizing your services, treating them more like a product you will think about your offering a little differently so that you make it easier for a prospect to understand why they should buy from you. After all, isn't your goal to make your services easier to buy?

3. Combine Services to Create a New Offering.

When your offerings start to look like commodities, reposition them by creating a new service. This approach may involve taking several services and combining them into one offering, or it may combine your services with one delivered by a partner to create a more robust, valuable offering.

Examples: for software companies, an upgrade service that helps clients take advantage of new product releases; for writers, a newsletter package that serves as a complete turnkey; for architects, project management services.

4. Package a Process.

When it seems impossible to package what you deliver, differentiate your company and increase your perceived value by packaging the presentation of your services. Start by naming the process, then document each step, create a detailed project plan, identify decision points, formalize your deliverables from each step and compile it into a branded package. This shows prospects you know what you’re doing and you follow a logical approach. It increases the perception that you are established, professional and capable.

Examples: for a Web firm, an end-to-end design and development process; for a software company, the implementation and rollout process.

The common thread running through these ideas is the need to present all of the value you deliver. Don’t assume that your customers understand everything you do for them. You need to pull out every piece of value you provide over the course of a project and directly present that to the client. Not only will you create a clear differentiation from your competition, but you’ll also give your prospect all the information he/she needs to make the decision to buy from you.

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