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"What is Digital Accessibility and How Does it Impact Your Business?"

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) protects people with disabilities from being discriminated against, including within the digital space. For those with visual, auditory, mobility, and other disabilities, navigating the web can be a great challenge.

With over 61 million adults living with disabilities in the United States alone, it’s critical that digital accessibility be a priority for your business.

Tune in for our discussion on digital accessibility and learn the risks of non-compliance with ADA standards. We answer questions such as:

- What does ADA compliance mean for a website?
- How can I check if my website is accessible, and what tools are useful for checking compliance?
- How effective are plugins and overlays at making an existing site more accessible? Is it better to start from scratch?

We’re joined by digital accessibility experts:

- Anna Bradley, President, Criterion
- Mark Miller, Sales Director, TPGi
- Maureen Condon, Principal, PMG
- Michael Evans, HubSpot Developer, PMG

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