The Situation

Conveyor Marketing Group (formerly Precision Marketing Group) client Kardex has been with the agency for several years, and we have come to have an excellent working relationship with their global marketing team.

After completing a full website redesign in 2020, the Kardex EU team needed to cater to a diverse client base that operated in multiple countries and spoke numerous languages. 

To communicate effectively with those in other countries and be more inclusive of different languages, Kardex tapped CMG (formerly PMG) to help them translate their website into multiple languages, including GermanSpanishFrenchItalian, and soon-to-begin, Polish!

The Solution

Because of Kardex's global reach, the original website needed to be translated into several languages. Instead of purchasing separate domains for each language and country, CMG utilized HubSpot's multi-language content tool, creating corresponding, translated copy for all web and landing pages. HubSpot's functionality allowed Kardex to maintain a single domain and manage content in different languages.

Furthermore, it enables visitors to read the website in their preferred language instead of creating a domain for each country. 

CMG has offered our skills in web development and HubSpot expertise to the Kardex team in several ways: 

  • Create multivariates of each web page in each new language
  • Incorporating new SEO elements to ensure visibility in the search engines
  • Creating global headers and footers for each language
  • Implementing all multimedia assets into pages, including both images and videos
  • Building out new translated forms with extensive QA checks

HubSpot's functionality allowed Kardex to maintain a single domain and manage content in different languages.

In addition to executing a multi-language website, our team has become well-versed in various aspects of multi-language website translation, including: 

  • Updating hard-coded text to reflect the new language translation
  • Replacing all video banners to reflect the new language
  • Implementing cookie banners and language-specific media releases
  • Turning off auto-play functionality on all videos used on webpages
  • Creating a custom module for all multi-language variant Error 404 pages
  • Ensuring SSL certificates are successfully installed

The Results

A newly expanded global reach without overhauling content strategy

As a result of these new language options, users can now engage with the website in their preferred language, allowing for a more profound understanding of Kardex's core messaging and product functionality. Since Kardex has a robust knowledge base for their various solutions, existing customers also benefit from the translation project.

Kardex EU has informed our agency that customers now feel included in the Kardex message, which has proved invaluable for their multilingual markets.