The Situation

CuraMedix Is Not Reaching Its Target Audience In Search Results

Showing up at the top of Google search results is no easy feat. There are a number of factors that must be considered to make it happen – and no single, slam-dunk strategy to ensure success.

For distributors of B2B products or services, who sell products and services under the umbrella of a global brand, the competition can often come from internal competitors – in other words, from the manufacturer itself. 

Such was the case for CuraMedix, the #1 U.S. distributor of a medical device manufactured by a German-based manufacturer, STORZ Medical. Even with brand recognition in many US markets, CuraMedix suspected that most prospects searching for STORZ Medical products were being directed to the STORZ Medical website. And for CuraMedix, that meant less traffic, less sales, and less brand awareness.

CuraMedix knew they needed a better way to get in front of prospective customers who were searching for STORZ Medical products online – but how? 

The Solution

CuraMedix Calls on Our Digital Marketing Team for Help

The CuraMedix team voiced their concerns to long-time marketing partner, Conveyor Marketing Group (formerly Precision Marketing Group). The first order of business: the marketing team would perform a data deep dive to analyze the competition on relevant search result pages.

Initial data validated the suspicion that STORZ Medical parent company was, indeed, capturing the lion’s share of traffic on Google searches. The CuraMedix team asked CMG (formerly PMG) to further explore opportunities with Google search ads that used the “STORZ Medical” brand name.

But the CMG team knew that such an approach can be rife with problems and subject to the nuances of Google. CMG knew it must be carefully considered… so back to the data for answers! 

What is meant by paid search ads?
Paid search ads are advertisements that are placed at the top of search engines results pages. This digital marketing strategy requires companies to pay search engines like Google for optimal placement.

The Challenge

Caveats About Running a Competitor Paid Search Ad Strategy in Google

The CMG marketing team was initially skeptical of using the STORZ Medical name for paid ads in Google. They knew from years of  experience that a wide range of factors can make such a strategy fall flat, including the challenge of using another company’s brand name in the ad.

CMG’s further analysis, however, revealed that this particular campaign seemed to meet all the right criteria for such a strategy. Among other factors, the fact that CuraMedix is a licensed distributor of STORZ Medical was a game changer.

“CuraMedix is an authorized distributor of STORZ Medical, which gave us the ability to use the STORZ Medical name directly in the ads. With that, Google deems the ad relevant and assigns a better quality score. If it weren’t for that, it would be almost impossible to compete – it made all the difference in our ability to make this approach work.”  
– Pat McDaniel, Director of Paid Lead Generation


CuraMedix STORZ search engine results page


The Approach 

Integrating All the Pieces of a Paid Search Ad Strategy

With the paid ad strategy officially taking shape, the marketing team continued to strategize on all the elements needed for success.


Keyword Assessment: The team determined which terms prospects were searching for, and how competitive those terms were. It was critical that this analysis took into account search terms with commercial intent; in other words, those looking to make a purchase versus simply looking for general information on STORZ Medical.

Messaging: For people searching for STORZ Medical products, how could CMG ensure the ads positioned CuraMedix as the best option for purchase? This involved careful copywriting that used priority keywords paired with the right value proposition. The messaging approach included testing multiple messaging variations to isolate the most potent words and value propositions. Checkpoints along the way enabled CMG to test, evaluate and optimize the top-performing factors.  

Landing Page: CMG knew that a paid ad strategy doesn’t end with the ad itself. The prospect journey continues after each click. As such, CMG developed landing pages designed to enforce the value propositions highlighted in the ads and enable curious customers to learn more and ultimately make a purchase.


The Results

From Paid Ad Clicks to Contacts to Customers

Once the campaign launched, it didn’t take long before results started rolling in. 

The paid ads, which positioned CuraMedix as the #1 U.S. distributor of STORZ Medical products, strategically appeared at the top of Google search results for searchers with commercial intent. Thoughtfully created landing pages further engaged those searchers, ultimately encouraging them to make a purchase. New contacts poured in…  and over time, CuraMedix gained a whopping 12 new customers!

  • 158 new contacts
  • 12 new customers
  • $1.2 million in revenue from new business!

Building on the success of the paid ads, CMG is now working with CuraMedix on a STORZ Medical-driven strategy for organic searchers. Our teams look forward to reporting on its success soon!



B2B companies can greatly benefit from a paid ad strategy like the one employed by CuraMedix. Paramount to success is a partnership with a trusted, experienced marketing partner  – the partnership between CuraMedix and CMG (formerly PMG) is several years strong! 

Interested in a paid advertising strategy and don’t know where to start? Drop us a line today – we’re here to help!

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