What Are the Future Trends of Digital Marketing? 6 Key Predictions Following INBOUND 2023

Conveyor Marketing Group recently had the privilege of sending several team members to HubSpot's INBOUND conference, a remarkable gathering of marketing professionals and industry leaders. This event offered us a unique opportunity to dive deep into the latest trends, strategies, and insights in the world of digital marketing. 

In this blog, our team members weigh in on the sessions that had the most impact on them. Here are our top takeaways following the conference and how we believe they are reshaping marketing, sales, service, and beyond.  

1. AI Influence In the Buyers’ Journey 

“The topic of AI dominated INBOUND! One thing we’ll definitely see more of is the use of AI to influence the buyer's journey. We can do this now in ways not previously possible – and marketers who dive deep into these strategies will be able to drive the most growth for their companies. Some examples we learned about include integrating AI-powered bots to enable smarter conversations, personalized interactions, and support across multiple channels such as websites, social messaging, and SMS. The true value of AI is NOT about pumping out more content; it’s about utilizing the technology to thoughtfully engage with your audience.”


Alysa-1Alysa Wax, Director of Client Operations
Session Credit: HubSpot’s Connection Guides for Professional Services, Software, and Manufacturing

2. Quality and Authenticity in Sales Engagements

“In the sales process, I think we will see, or continue to see, a strategic shift focusing on the quality of sales engagements over the sheer quantity of sales activities. Prioritizing quality engagements will likely lead to heightened success rates, elevated customer satisfaction, and ultimately improved long-term profitability for sales and business teams.”

“Generative AI plays a big role in this strategic shift. It is putting a wealth of information directly into the hands of prospects during the sales process, reshaping expectations. Customers expect more. They are looking to have their unique challenges acknowledged. Because of this, the importance of creating authentic customer connections and ‘human-first’ content will play an increasingly important role.”

TracyTracy Horton, Director of Customer Success
Session credit: How AI is Reshaping the Future of Sales and Marketing

3. Brand Building Through Community Experiences

“Community is a channel ripe for growth. I think we can expect to see companies building their brands through common experiences – by engaging with their fans, users, and employees to build connections and explore solutions to their challenges. It’s truly about meeting people where they are, but in a way that decentralizes how information is shared and how support is offered.” 

“So how will this shape marketing efforts? It could mean a product manager guesting on a podcast or hosting one. Or employees joining up and engaging on public Slack channels or LinkedIn Groups. It could also mean more businesses supporting user groups adjacent to their industry. While this is a channel that is harder to properly attribute, data supports the success of this as an effective long-term strategy.”

Alysa-1Alysa Wax, Director of Client Operations
Session credit: Community: Myths, Tips, and the Marketing Mix

4. Cultivating Thought Leadership via LinkedIn

“I attended a number of sessions about LinkedIn advertising and best practices. One trend that I think will take off in the near future is more effective brand-building through thought leadership on LinkedIn. Helping this effort is LinkedIn’s recently launched Thought Leadership Ads, a new ad format that allows businesses to sponsor posts from thought leaders within their company and stay top-of-mind when their target audience is ready to buy. These ads are shown to have a higher click-through rate than single image ads and are looking to be a great tool for businesses to enhance brand visibility, engagement, and trust among customers, shareholders, and the public.”

AlexisAlexis Silvers, Account Manager & Strategist
Session credit: 
LinkedIn Ads Strategy for the B2B CMO
Brand Boost: LinkedIn Content and Creative Best Practices


5. Powering Up Existing Services by Integrating AI

“I think the question a lot of companies should be asking is: how can we think bigger with AI? Be on the lookout for AI layered into many apps and software, which will elevate their value to users. A great example comes from CallRail, a company traditionally offering call tracking, attribution, record /transcribe services, and more. With AI integrated, CallRail elevated its services significantly. Now, it uses keywords and phrase analysis, buying intent, sentiment, agent, product/location performance, and more as a way to synthesize data, extract, and aggregate insights at scale, giving their tool a bigger seat at the table. I expect to see more companies leveraging AI in this same way.” 

Alysa-1Alysa Wax, Director of Client Operations
Session credit: What 100M Phone Calls Reveal about Data-Driven Marketing 


6. Emails That Appeal to the Aspirational 

“Email marketers will always continue to adapt to new ways to foster engagement. One trend that seems to be growing in popularity is the use of aspirational subject lines. These include messages that highlight things like where people want to be in their career, rather than where they are today. Another example might be an email that’s targeting marketing managers – the subject line may say something like, ‘Secrets all the CMOs Know.’ Along those lines, I think we can expect to see more subject lines that tap into the aspirational value related to someone’s industry, job function, or personal interest details.”

AlexisAlexis Silvers, Account Manager & Strategist
Session credit: New Email Marketing Test Ideas and Pitfalls to Avoid


By delving deeper into these takeaways from HubSpot's INBOUND conference, Conveyor Marketing Group is poised not just to stay ahead but to lead the charge in the ever-evolving marketing landscape. These insights help shape our guiding principles as we move forward, enabling us to elevate our marketing strategies and deliver exceptional results for our clients. Stay tuned for exciting developments as we put these takeaways into action, forging a path of innovation and excellence in marketing.

Feel free to reach out at any time — we would love to hear from you!

Allison Woodbury | Director of Content Operations
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